Overview of available funds

There are two main routes to funding from the charity – Designated Funds and our Greatest Need Fund. In the first instance, you should find out whether there is an appropriate Designated Fund for your project. If there is not a relevant Designated Fund, you should consider applying to our Greatest Need Fund.

Designated funds

Designated Funds are individual charity funds that relate to specific areas of the Trust. Each fund has a minimum of three Fund Managers and a Charity Champion who can support you with your application. 

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Application schedule

Applications to Designated Funds can be made throughout the year. You must present your idea to a relevant fund manager who will consider whether your proposal meets the eligibility criteria and objectives of the charity, outlined in our Grant Making Policy.

Projects under £5K

If your proposal requires less than £5K the fund manager can approve or decline your proposal themselves. You should expect a response within 2-3 weeks.

Projects over £5K

If your proposal requires more than £5K, the fund manager will ask you to complete a Charity Business Case which must be approved by the Trust prior to assessment by the charity. All proposals with a value of £5K - £20K are assessed by the Charity Select Committee and decisions aim to be made within 2-3 weeks.

Applying to a Designated fund

Now you know which fund to apply to, you can go to step three and get started with your application. 

Step 3: Apply to the appropriate fund >

Greatest Need Fund

If there is not a relevant Designated Fund, you should consider applying to our Greatest Need Fund, which covers all areas of the Trust. It is managed by the charity and is open for applications annually. Once a year, we will confirm the amount of funding available and invite applications from across the Trust.

Any member of staff at Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust can apply to this fund. Before applying, please make sure you have consulted with an appropriate senior member of your team to ensure your idea is suitable and supports the departments’ plans.

Applying to our Greatest Need Fund

For applications to the Greatest Need Fund, you’ll need to wait until our competition is open. Dates, timelines and requirements for the competition will be announced to all trust staff within the first few months of each financial year.

Once the details are confirmed, all the relevant information will be updated here. The competition will be promoted through Trust staff communications, so don’t worry: you won’t miss out!

In the meantime please get in touch if you have any questions or require any further information regarding the charity’s Greatest Need Fund.

Can't find what you're looking for?

If you would prefer to talk to someone from our charity team, please send us an email, give us a call on 01483 464146, or pop in to see us on Level A in the Estates corridor.

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