Royal Surrey's Cancer and Surgical Innovation Campaign

The Cancer and Surgical Innovation Campaign is an ambitious and game-changing development, which will see Royal Surrey build upon its world class services in traditional and robotic surgery, enhance its theatre capacity and improve patient experiences and outcomes throughout Surrey and the South East.

Across the NHS, meeting the demand for surgical treatment whilst introducing the latest research and clinical advances is a challenge, more so in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Together with developments in earlier cancer diagnosis and the UK’s growing ageing population investing in surgical services is a key priority for regional NHS bodies.

We are pleased to say that the Royal Surrey has responded to this need and we have already secured, with support from Jeremy Hunt MP, the approval from NHS England to spend £25m to build a new surgical centre. This will be built at Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford and operate alongside the existing St Luke’s Cancer Centre.

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“With your help, the new facility can become one of Europe’s leading surgical centres, meeting the needs of our patient growing population for years to come.”

Louise Stead, CEO of Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Why we need your support

The new centre will enable Royal Surrey to treat 7,000 more patients every year, including those a with life-threatening cancer diagnosis.

Royal Surrey is a regional centre for cancer services supporting a population of up to 3 million (around 4.5% of the UK’s population).

60% of surgical procedures carried out at Royal Surrey are cancer related.

The new centre will reduce waiting times leading to better outcomes. Patient experience will be improved with all the care needed taking place in one highly specialised setting.

As a centre for innovation and technology, the new facility will support future surgical specialists through research, training and education.

Bring together world-leading surgical experts, enabling them to share knowledge and ideas to speed up the development of new surgical techniques and practices.

Royal Surrey is already one of the UK’s leading NHS providers of robotic surgery and will be looking to increase the use of surgical robots at the new centre.

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Supporting the Cancer and Surgical innovation Campaign

To ensure Royal Surrey’s surgery team can deliver world-class surgery to our patients, we need a world-class setting and outstanding equipment – we urgently need your help to achieve this.

By donating to our Cancer and Surgical Innovation Campaign, you will help:

  • Fund lifesaving surgical equipment and technology that will lead to fewer complications and faster recovery times.

  • Enhance the experience of our patients by funding comfortable and welcoming spaces for patients to prepare, rest and recover from surgery.

  • Support staff wellbeing so they can provide extraordinary care by creating rest areas for them to recharge and prepare for surgical procedures.

  • Invest in research, training and education for future surgical specialists across a wide range of surgical disciplines.

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"We want to raise money towards a new Cancer and Surgical Innovation Centre for the hospital which would support Royal Surrey as a pre-eminent cancer hub with the very latest treatments, as well as supporting its non-cancer surgical work. A dedicated unit would also mean cancer and other vital surgery will be in a strong position to continue uninterrupted in future pandemics or during periods of winter pressure".

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP