Thanks to your generous donations, Royal Surrey Charity is proud to have funded projects to help autistic patients and those living with learning disabilities.

These patients often face complex health and social care needs. These challenges are amplified in hospital settings, where communication difficulties can lead to heightened anxiety for patients and their carers. Recognising this, we have introduced a range of resources to help ease these anxieties.

Our Adult and Learning Disabilities Nurse Specialist, Lauren Bowller, explains: 

Activities such as colouring books, activity books, puzzles and sensory toys can distract from those anxieties, helping them to cope with the environment around them. 

The initiative is already making a positive difference, helping patients feel more at ease during their hospital visits. 

Another amazing project that we are pleased to support is the Sensory Room in Paediatric Emergency Department. These environments can be overwhelming and scary, especially for autistic children and those with learning disabilities. With the introduction of sensory equipment such as a bubble machine and an interactive projector, we aim to provide a calming experience. This will not only help children feel more secure but also make it easier for staff to deliver effective care.

A dad, who had to attend the children’s emergency department with his autistic child, Jago, said: 

I had an exceptional experience at Royal Surrey’s children's emergency with my autistic son. After he had an accident and needed stitches, the nurse took us into a room equipped with sensory tools, including a wall-bubble machine and a floor-to-ceiling projector with numerous games. My son was so engaged with the games and sensory experiences that he forgot about his injury while waiting for treatment.

He went on to say: 

“The nurses are really passionate about supporting children with learning difficulties and told us that they worked with Royal Surrey Charity to raise funds for the sensory equipment. It’s heart-warming to know that people have made donations through Royal Surrey Charity to specifically support this. It really made a big difference to my son! Thank you!”

Your support helps us fund projects like these: THANK YOU! 

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