If you’d like to organise your own event, we’re here to help.

Tips for getting started

Choose an event to suit you

Are you someone who likes to bake? Or would you rather take part in a physical challenge? Do you want to take on a solo challenge or would you rather be part of a team? Once you have an idea of what you’d like to do, let us know so we can help you get started.

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Organise an event

Now you’ve decided what you want to do, think about where and when the event will take place and who is going to support you on the day.

Set a target

How much are you aiming to raise? Who is going to support you? Does your company offer matched giving?

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Spread the word

Once you’ve set up your fundraising page, share it with friends, family and anyone else you think might like to support you. Social media is great for getting your event out there. Make sure you let us know what you’re doing so we can help promote it.

Get in touch

Want to have a chat about your idea? Send us an email or give us a call on 01483 464146.