Our incredible staff save and improve lives every day; they are the heartbeat of the hospital.

Life-saving equipment and developing our staff

By funding cutting-edge equipment and development opportunities, we can provide the most effective and least invasive treatments available, so that our patients experience excellent care.

“I cannot tell you how incredible the breast cancer team at Royal Surrey were during that time. They have the whole process so finely tuned and they are so brilliant at it. They know how to feed you the information: they’re empathetic as well as sympathetic; they just got it so right. I felt cocooned in a nest of support and that made me incredibly positive and allowed me not to worry.

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With your help, we invest in staff education and welfare so that medical and support staff can attend training courses and conferences. This means they can gain the most up-to-date knowledge and can learn about innovative research ideas that can then be shared with teams across the hospital.

The difference we’re making, together

Thanks to our supporters, in the last year we have funded:

  • Specialist ultrasound machine to support women who are experiencing problems in early pregnancy.

  • Chemotherapy chairs and reclining armchairs for people being treated at our leading cancer centre, St Luke’s.
  • Memory boxes to help those with dementia recall people and events from the past.

There is more we can do, but we need your help.