Adam chose to support us after benefiting from the Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Service (TYAC) at the hospital. He took on the Nuts Challenge in Dorking, a 14K assault course, with three friends he met through the service.

Adam on finding hope after cancer

I was 23 years old when I was diagnosed with testicular cancer back in 2015. I had surgery to remove the tumour but after finding out it had spread some months later, I was told I needed further chemotherapy treatment. 

The surgery and recovery from that was fairly quick and straight forward. It was the treatment after which was the tough part: the chemo went on for three months. I lost my hair and had no energy. It was really tough while I was recovering. In your 20s you feel like you should be at peak physical ability and it takes a while to get that back. I feel like I’ve lost a year of my life in terms of fitness and wellbeing.

It was at this stage that I was introduced to the hospital’s TYAC service and informed about the support it offers. During treatment, and even after, you receive counselling and opportunities to connect with other people going through the same thing, and the service also arranges regular meet ups.

That sense of community was really special to me: I’ve made some great friends. We’ve all had different experiences but we share a common ground. The meet ups give an opportunity to talk as much or as little about cancer – sometimes it’s a good distraction; other times it helps to know there’s someone to talk to who’s gone through something similar.

A positive outlook

The ethos of TYAC is all about finding positivity and good humour in the worst situations and I wanted to take on a challenge that matched that ethos. The Nuts Challenge was tough but true to the spirit of TYAC we faced our challenge in the company of great friends who were there to pull each other out of the muck – often literally! 

We’re grateful to everyone who has supported us and helped us to reach our fundraising target. My workplace, Kelly’s Storage, has also agreed to match fund our sponsorship total pound for pound, which means the money raised will hopefully make a real difference to those living with cancer.

I finished my treatment almost three years ago. There is no ‘all clear’ with cancer. There are no guarantees. You undergo horrendous treatment and all you can hope for is someone to say, ‘That should have worked.’
You always have that fear and anxiety that it might return. And that’s why the TYAC Service at The Royal Surrey County Hospital is so incredible – it’s invaluable to have someone to talk to and someone who understands.


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