Chilworth Unit, our cancer treatment day unit, has welcomed 42 new chairs for patients receiving chemotherapy, thanks to funding from Royal Surrey Charity. 

The chairs were delivered earlier this month and offer more modern, comfortable and versatile seating.

Brightly coloured in green or purple to match the ward décor, they have the recliner option with footrest, and can be wiped down easily.

The unit sees around 130 patients a day, which adds up to over 600 people a week. The previous chairs were over 20 years old and were heavy and awkward to move.

Rob Nursten (pictured), from Crawley has been receiving chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer for the last five months. He can be seated for over three hours on each visit. He said:

The drip can take some time and having these new chairs is a step-up from the previous ones. I would give them a good nine out of ten for comfort from my experience so far.

Some of the chairs have been paid for thanks to staff taking on a fundraising challenge. A skydive team of six did the ‘jump’ last September, supported by Royal Surrey Charity, raising over £6,000 to pay for some of the new chairs. Further fundraising from Weybridge Tennis Club also contributed.

There are plans for further fundraising later this year to buy some more chairs.

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Pictured above: Senior Sister Alison Holden with patient Rob Nursten.