4. Entrants are permitted to enter up to five digital photographs, this can be across all categories or multiple entries in selected categories, but must not exceed five images in total.

5. Each entry must be accompanied by a completed Royal Surrey Charity Digital Photograpy Competition 2021 registration form.

6. Previously taken photographs taken before the commencement date of the competition will be accepted.

7. No single image maybe entered into more than one category. For example you cannot enter the same image for Natural World and Black and White.

8. No entry can contain people.

9. Digital adjustments that maintain the integrity of the image are allowed.

10. It is not permitted to make any major physical change to the image. You may not, for example add or remove plants, objects, animals, landscapes or any parts of animals, plants or landscape.

11. Images submitted need to be 300dpi

12. All entries must be submitted digitally via a file sharing website, such as WeTransfer to [email protected]. Photographs received by post will not be accepted.