Our Dementia Care Fund supports people with dementia who are cared for across our hospitals and in the community. 

There are approximately 18,000 people living with diagnosed dementia across Surrey and it is estimated that up to 60% of all patients admitted to hospital have dementia, delirium or confusion. Many of these patients are older, frail and have complex health needs.

The prospect of visiting or staying in a busy hospital can be a daunting and overwhelming experience – not only for the person living with dementia, but also their carers and families. 

By donating to our Dementia Care Fund, you are supporting people living with dementia and helping ensure they receive world class care in a calm, welcoming and comfortable environment. 

Your donation could help:

  • Fund state-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • Enhance the experience of our patients by funding comfortable and welcoming spaces
  • Support staff wellbeing so our amazing NHS staff can provide extraordinary care
  • Invest in research, training and education 

The difference you make

Thanks to your support, Royal Surrey Charity funded a RITA Machine (Reminiscent Interactive Therapeutic Activity) for use on our older people’s unit. The technology is an innovative, evidence-based, state-of-the-art digital therapy system, which allows patients to use apps, games and other leisure activities as part of their hospital recovery. Benefits include a reduction in falls, improved patient communication and a reduction in patient agitation.

Kendal Strong, who works with patients with dementia at the hospital, told us:

RITA is always being used by our patients and is in great demand. The memory clips are a great talking point. We watch programmes like ‘The Generation Game’, ‘Are You Being Served?’ and ‘Dad’s Army’. It gets patients talking and laughing, and can also encourage people on the ward to talk and connect. Our patients benefit so much from having a device like this.

Your support has also helped fund:

  • Enhancements to the environment to make our hospitals more dementia-friendly, including wall art, better signage and use of contrasting colours to promote independence and aid orientation.

  • Two ‘magic tables’ which project a series of interactive games on to a table to promote more joyful social connections for people living with dementia, and help alleviate boredom and anxiety.

  • Designated communal areas on our older people’s unit and within ward areas at Milford Haslemere Community Hospitals. The spaces are away from the patient’s beds to encourage conversation, promote cognitive stimulation through engaging in a variety of activities with staff and volunteers and helps encourage patients to be more physically active.

  • Age-appropriate puzzles, games, colouring and music to reduce boredom and support wellbeing. 

There’s more we can do, but we need your help.

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Thank you for your support.