In March 2017 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. I had major surgery in April 2017 to remove four tumours and my colon, leaving me with a permanent stoma. After seven weeks I started chemotherapy; having struggled to eat and suffering sickness, I was about 43kg. The morning after my chemo I had a seizure induced by the medication and was taken into A & E Resus, 24 hours later I had a second seizure, followed by a series of four cardiac arrests.

I was taken to the Intensive Care Unit and my family were told that they were doing all they could to stabilise me but .....

After a week in ITU I was moved back to a ward and ten days later I was discharged from hospital.

I have always loved sport and when I was in ITU, I hoped that I could walk/ jog 5km within a year. I started walking- less than 50 metres, once a day at first! And very slowly increased the distance until I walked my first kilometre in September. I started swimming and cycling post-op in August and jogged my first kilometer in November.

I gradually built up all the distances and entered my first Sprint distance triathlon for 1st April 2018.

In 2018 I will taking part in various running, swimming & cycling events, including triathlons and my first Half Marathon, raising money for the Royal Surrey Intensive Care Charitable Trust each time. I will update this page when I have completed each event.

Many thanks for supporting my page! All money raised will help save lives.

Thank you :-)

Completed events:

~Race at your Pace, January 25 mile virtual Challenge. 37 miles completed

~My first Sprint distance triathlon, 1st April. Woking Triathlon was postponed because the bike course had flooded so I did my own route. 400m swim - 22.5km bike - 6km run

~26.2 mile Medal Mad April Run Challenge

~first ever 2.5km swim

~first official 10km post op: a very hilly Godalming 10km

~Woking GoTri, June. 200m swim, 11km bike, 5km run (in under an hour!)

~AAT Events Breakfast Run. 11.4km and 180m climbed

~Guildford Triathlon. 500m swim, 22km bike, 5km run

~Mile swim at Great Scottish Swim, Loch Lomond

*** My first ever Half Marathon - New Forest, 9th September 2018***

2019 challenges completed:

~'Go Tri' triathlon

~1st open water triathlon, Thorpe Park: 750m swim, 21km bike, 5km run (*big event of 2019 1/2)

~1st 5km open water swim (*big event of 2019 2/2)

Rebecca Langley