Hi, I am Sandie and I work for the South Central Ambulance Service. I am based at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford and my job is to co-ordinate and support all of the Non Emergency Ambulance Transport, across all sites of the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. Getting people home from hospital, to Care Home and Hospice Care and to Time Critical Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

Over this year, I am Fund Raising for the Teenage And Young Adult Cancer Centre (TYAC) at the Royal Surrey Hospital. A very special unit, dedicated to the care and support of young cancer patients between the ages of 16 to 30.

It has been my priviledge this year to volunteer my time and work alongside our TYAC Team, helping to put together a handful of 'Bucket List' days out, for an incredible young man, George Hatfield.

With the help of Specialist Ambulances and Crews, George was able to enjoy the London Theatre, Harry Potter World, Legoland and hand feed the Giraffes at Port Lympne, Wildlife & Safari Park.

ALL OF THE MONEY raised on this link goes directly into the RSCH Charity, TYAC pot, to go towards giving other young patients 'Bucket List' days out, with Specialised Ambulances and Crews. Making memories for themselves and their families, during some of their most challenging times.


I am putting together a number of fundraising events this year to put as many pennies into the pot as possible. If you are also looking to achieve one of your own 'Bucket List' dreams or fulfill a personal challenge, then please get others to join in, sponsor you and donate to this wonderful cause, to help these young cancer patients and their families make memories.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my page. Any donation will be welcomed with open arms.

Sandie X

The Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Service provides treatment, care and support to teenagers and young adults aged 16-30 who have been diagnosed with any type of cancer. They work alongside the medical and nursing teams who specialise in the different cancers and provide extra advice and personalised support appropriate to the age group of the patient. The service accepts referrals for any young patients diagnosed within the ST. Luke's Cancer Alliance ( Covering Surrey, West Sussex and parts of Hampshire). The Royal Surrey is the designated TYAC hospital in this network and sometimes works together with the Royal Marsden Hospital and University College Hospital, London, to provide the best cancer care.

The TYAC Unit at the Royal Surrey Hospital is for day care only and has a treatment bay, two ensuite side rooms and a wellbeing room. There is also a 'chill out' room with a kitchen, where the patients can help themselves to snacks and drinks, relax with their families by watching TV, or by doing creative craft projects to pass the time. If it is decided that chemotherapy is the most appropriate treatment, then it can be given on the TYAC Unit by the TYAC Team, building familiarity and friendships. If the young patient needs to be admitted, then the adjacent Onslow Ward has three TYA ensuite side rooms, with additional space for someone to stay with them, should they wish. Everything to keep the young patient less anxious and more relaxed.

Cancer can have an emotional and physical effect on young patients, where they find they may not be able to keep up with their friends, which can have an impact on their social lives. The TYAC Team plan activities, social events and residential trips, where they can mix with other young people who are also experiencing the challenges and frustrations, which come with cancer and its treatment.

The TYAC Team support the young patient, their families and friends, through every challenging and emotional step of their journey with cancer.

Sandie Jackson