The TYAC at the Royal Surrey Hospital provides treatment, as well as personalised practical, emotional and psychological support to 16-30 year olds following a diagnosis of cancer. The team consists of nurses that are always available to assist with any problems or queries, a social worker that provides support with issues relating to work and finance and facilitates socials for patients under the care of the TYAC, and a wellbeing specialist that supports patients emotionally through coaching as well as providing reiki treatments and facilitating group life café sessions.

The ward has a large treatment bay with an area that can be used for activities in addition to spaces for chemotherapy treatment, two en-suite rooms that provide some privacy for patients receiving chemotherapy, a wellbeing room, a kitchen with drinks and snacks for those undergoing treatment, and a chill-out room containing board and video games, as well as reading materials.

Money raised can go towards buying additional things for the unit such as DVD’s, books, video games and computer consoles to help people pass the time whilst receiving treatment, as well as snacks and drinks for those that have several hours of treatment. The TYAC also facilitate peer support activities through fundraising donations and socials which can provide a great space for young adults living with and beyond cancer to connect with each other and make memories.

Michaela Phipps