As a football community, we are all a bit lost without our beloved game at the minute due to the coronavirus outbreak. Being on lock down can be tough but let’s be honest, our NHS heroes are putting their lives at risk every single day to help save the lives of others.

Football, rightly so, is not at the forefront of our minds, when so many people up and down the country are losing loved ones. Where football is fantastic though, is bringing people together. You have so many wonderful characters in the game and we believe that, as a football community, we can do our bit to help the NHS at this unprecedented time.

So whilst we are on lock down, we are allowed our daily exercise. Being football fans, especially us players, we should be taking advantage of the fact that we can still look after our own health by going out for run, bike ride or walk, obviously with social distancing in mind. Can we raise money whilst doing this for our NHS and the frontline warriors who are stepping foot in to our hospitals each day.

We’ve suggested Run 5k for the NHS, as the time it’s takes to do this, should fall within the recommended amount of time we are able to exercise each day, as set out by the government.

You could be a player, a supporter, the kit man, a referee or the person who works in the tea hut. We would love to see anyone affiliated with one of our great local clubs take part. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a representative from each club, raising money, to show how the power of football can unite people and help others at this time of need?!

Matt Kiley