We are a group of Royal Surrey staff within St Luke's that are completing a 15,000ft skydive on September 18th 2021 to raise money for our Chilworth Ward Chemotherapy Unit.

Patients attend for treatment for long periods of time, often over years. Others can spend full days on our day unit, receiving their chemotherapy or immunotherapy. We want to provide a restful, stress free and relaxing environment for patients, to ease the burden of treatment where possible.

To that end, we are working hard to improve the environment, we have installed a patient café, where people can help themselves to hot drinks and snacks and have installed sofa's and communal areas.

Now we want to turn our focus on the treatment space and install new, modern treatment chairs that offer comfort for patients. We also want to offer music or TV options to offer a diversion from treatment and to install aromatherapy devices to help with side effects of treatment.

Thank you for your support

Jess Roots, Emma Masters, Rica Mari Paez, Hannah Taylor, Joanna Ogrodniczuk & Charlie Self

Jessica Roots