Royal Surrey's Cancer and Surgical Innovation Centre

Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust is launching an exciting new project to build a new Cancer and Surgical Innovation Centre so that thousands more patients are able to receive surgical treatment every year.

Royal Surrey is a regional centre for cancer services supporting a population of up to 3 million (around 4.5% of the UK’s population) and pioneering many of the latest techniques and treatments.

The Cancer and Surgical Innovation Centre is an ambitious and game-changing development which will see Royal Surrey build upon its expertise across a wide range of surgical specialities in robotic surgery, enhance its theatre capacity and improve patient experience in Surrey and the South East. The new centre will allow Royal Surrey to expand its specialist cancer capacity, as well as dramatically improving its facilities for benign and emergency surgery.

The development of the Cancer and Surgical Innovation Centre is estimated to cost around £30m. We are pleased to confirm that the Trust has secured £25 million in funding towards the project. But we still need to raise additional funds through fundraising to enhance the design further and ensure the best possible range of new equipment can be procured. 

Jeremy Hunt - MP for South West Surrey is leading a new fundraising campaign to help raise vital funds needed. Every penny raised will help secure the successful delivery of this important project.

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"We want to raise money towards a new Cancer and Surgical Innovation Centre for the hospital which would support Royal Surrey as a pre-eminent cancer hub with the very latest treatments, as well as supporting its non-cancer surgical work. A dedicated unit would also mean cancer and other vital surgery will be in a strong position to continue uninterrupted in future pandemics or during periods of winter pressure".

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP 

Clinical services that will use the new centre include: General surgery, Colorectal, Hepatobiliary, Oesophagogastric, Breast, Skin, Trauma & Orthopaedics, Urology, Gynae-oncology, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Maxillofacial, Pain, Cardiology and Interventional Radiology.

The benefits of this project are substantial

Highest quality patient experience: the new centre will dramatically improve patient experience, with surgery taking place in a modern and efficient environment with the latest technology. A design-led approach will create new spaces for patients to both prepare and recover in, improving their experience and allowing them more independence to walk to their surgery and recover quickly.

Increase surgical capacity: Currently Royal Surrey carries out 19,500 procedures a year. The theatres in the new facility will enable Royal Surrey to significantly increase the number of surgical procedures carried out. Several thousand more patients will receive surgical procedures every year, including life-saving cancer surgery.

Developing the next generation of surgical specialists: As a centre for innovation and technology, the new facility will support research, training and education for future surgical specialists across a wide range of surgical disciplines.

Increase efficiency through robot-assisted surgery: The use of state-of-the-art robotics typically leads to less complications and better outcomes for patients. Royal Surrey is already the UK’s leading NHS provider of robotic surgery and will be looking to increase the number of surgical robots to be used at the Cancer and Surgical Innovation Centre.

Accelerate research breakthroughs: The Cancer and Surgical Innovation Centre will bring together world-leading surgical experts enabling them to share knowledge and ideas to speed up the development of new surgical techniques and practices.

Enhanced outcomes for patients:  Waiting times will reduce, leading to better outcomes and patients will be able to receive all the care they need in one highly specialised setting.

Help us raise vital funds to make sure we can build and equip Royal Surrey’s Cancer and Surgical Innovation Centre.

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Why do we need to do this?

Better patient experience: The existing Surgical Short Stay Unit is in temporary structures with design that is not optimised for patient experience and flow. This new build will modernise all of Royal Surrey’s surgical facilities with a design that is modern, efficient, calm and supportive. A range of new spaces will be created to support day case patients to prepare, rest and recover from their surgery.

Recovery following the Covid-19 Pandemic: all NHS services have been affected by the pandemic and there is an ever-growing need for surgical capacity and sites. The Cancer and Surgical Innovation Centre will support Royal Surrey’s long-term recovery and help make sure the Trust is well-prepared to meet changes in demand at times of difficulty in the future.

Earlier cancer diagnosis is leading to higher demand: Improvements in screening programmes mean that more people are receiving surgical treatment for cancers at an earlier stage than has been possible in the past. This is incredibly important to our patients and communities, it also means demand in surgery will increase over the next ten years – the current facility is not large enough and is not set up to meet this demand.

With sufficient funding in place, work on the centre is expected to begin in 2022.

The new centre is expected to include:

  • A full redesign of Royal Surrey’s theatres to support modern pathways of care for a high volume of cancer surgery as well as benign specialties such as Trauma and Orthopaedic and Ophthalmology.
  • New spaces for patients to prepare, rest and recover from surgery.
  • New equipment and technology, including new robotic surgical equipment. Surgical robots are predominantly used for cancer surgeries and benefits include fewer complications and faster recovery times.
  • New theatres to increase capacity. Several thousand more patients will receive surgical procedures every year, including life-saving cancer surgery, lowering waiting times at a time of unprecedented demand.
  • Redesigned short stay surgery facility.
  • A revamped training and education facility to train the next generation of surgeons.

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