Welcome to my fundraising page! Here’s why I’m running the South Downs Trail half marathon on Saturday 11th June.

I cannot express how grateful I am that I received most of my treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at Royal Surrey’s Teenage and Young Adult Cancer (TYAC) unit.* Not only did I receive fantastic medical care, but they also provided extraordinary pastoral care. As well as counselling, alternative therapy and out-of-hours support, they organise socials, connect patients going through similar experiences and ensure the clinic always feels warm and welcoming with music, games and treats.

Cancer sucked, there’s no doubt about that. But I can say with absolute certainty that it would have been 100 times worse were it not for TYAC. I am now – and forever will be – part of a wonderful community that provides invaluable support for cancer patients and their families.

So, eight months on from finishing chemo, I’m back on the trails and running this half marathon for TYAC. To say thank you for helping me beat cancer. For supporting me from start to finish. And for creating such a caring community.

Any donation you can spare to help support the TYAC community would be so greatly appreciated.

Lots of love,
Emilie x

*The Teenage and Young Adult Cancer (TYAC) Service provides age appropriate cancer care for any young person age 16-30 diagnosed with any type of cancer. The Royal Surrey is the NHS England designated Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Service hospital for the St. Luke’s Cancer Alliance and specialises in providing local, holistic and expert treatment and care in a dedicated environment adapted to the unique needs of young people. Emilie Dock